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Airtel Leased Line Connection

Airtel Internet Leased line helps in connecting, transacting sharing information faster with each other. We provide access to the internet leased line customers with dedicated speed with managed router services. Our solutions offer online tools and global reaching the largest carriers scale their businesses.

Airtel MPLS-VPN Connection

Airtel Multi-protocol based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as a solution for meeting this challenge of integrating data, voice, and video traffic in easily
managed, scalable, economical, and flexible networks. For value-added, cost-effective VPN services. By outsourcing VPNs to a service provider, businesses gain the advantages of reduced capital and personnel costs, simpler network management, “and pay-as-you-grow” scalability.

Airtel Point to Point Connectivity

Airtel provide a Point-to-Point network. However, most carriers that resell services will not provide this since they do not own their own network. Depending on the distance between the two connections, resellers will have to buy from multiple diverse carrier networks just to make up one Point-to-Point solution for a business. This could become very complicated for a reseller and less reliable.

Airtel Local Loop Service

Airtel created competition to provide local loops to business customers.  New companies commonly referred to as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) began to overbuild fiber networks to provide the last mile to business customers.  The CLECs were not burdened with the requirement of providing service to all customers and therefore were able to provide aggressive prices for last mile connections.